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Dog Training & Behavior

Best Friends, Best Manners

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Puppy Academy 


6 Week Class ( 16 weeks to 8 months old ) 

Information on how to raise a puppy and proper ways to communicate, socialize and solve problem behaviors as well as basic obedience training.

For puppies 16 weeks to 8 months old.

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Level 1


6 Week Class ( 6 months & older ) 

Training impulse control around people, dogs and food, redirection techniques, information about training tools and which are best for their dog, how to effectively communicate and learn body language, basic obedience, loose leash heel, verbal and hand cues with commands, polite greeting and more.

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Level 2


6 Week Class ( 6 months & older ) 

Advance classes for dogs that have passed Level 1. Working on advancing the same commands/behaviors and adding distance, duration, and distractions. Training more advance commands and tricks, heel on and off leash, agility course, brain games, conditioning to different situations and environments  and more.

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Therapy Dog / Service Dog 


Workshop ( Once a month ) 

Learning important information you need to know about therapy and service dogs, the laws and appropriate behaviors. This class would focus on what to be expected and how to achieve that. Run through of situations, socialization to medical equipment and more. 2 - 3 Hour Workshop.

Other Services:

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Boot Camp


Training offered while their dog is in Day Camp.

Available as a single 60-minute session or as a 4 or 6 session package.

Barknona Dog Training AKC Certification

AKC Certification

Contact us

Offered to anyone who has completed one of the courses, at the end of each course clients will be allowed to test their pups and get certification.

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Private Training Session


60 minute session, one-on-one to work on problem behaviors, dog reactivity, excessive excitement, task training, tricks and more. This is offered as a single session or as 4 session package deal.

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